Davidson County Instructions

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Williamson County Download Instructions

The Williamson County site does not have a search function, so you need to know the property's general location.  Properties are easier to find if you add the 400' Tax Map grid.  This can be found on the right hand side of the initial page.  Click on the box next to the 400' grid, then click on the "refresh map" button in the lower right corner.  After the map reloads the grid will be displayed.  

Next with your mouse left click on the approximate location of the property you want to view. you may have to do this several time to bore down to the property you want to view.  Alternatively. you can drag a box around the location. 

To download or print a map click on the printer icon on the left hand side.  A dialog box will come up below the map allowing you to name the map.  Name the map if you want, then click on the "Create Print Map" button.  A new window will open.  You can print this page, or if you want the image you can right click on the image and "save as".

As you bore down the number of optional layers will increase.  You have the option of adding topographical contours, flood plane, zoning, and many others.  Click on the box next to the layer you want to add, then click on the "refresh map" button in the lower right corner.  

If you get a "Missing jsForm.html" error load the map page from this link